Everything in Life Is A Relationship

Our lives are built upon the foundation of countless relationships.  Regrettably, we’re typically unaware of the exact part we play and the impact certain relationships have on other parts of our lives.  My mission is to help you transform your life for the better by helping you recognize the part both you and others play in your relationships.


Programs to transform your habits and enhance your life.

stories of success


"These programs gave me an in-depth look into who I really am and not the facade I created from pain and disappointment" Shannon


"In an arena saturated with advice on dating, A.D. engages people with his introspective take on relationship building" George


"Every convo with A.D. has been very insightful. The questions he asks are thought provoking and require you to dig deep"


As humans we are hardwired for connection. And yet, we find ourselves in romantic relationships that don’t last. Instead of focusing on external drivers, here is an opportunity to discover if you are fit to be in a relationship.

Set the Foundation

01. One-on-one

Define your goals and create an action plan for reaching your relationship milestones

02. Couples

Revitalize and restore your relationship with this successful framework customized to fit your needs

03. Webinars

Access a wealth of information from the environment of your choice

04. Experiences

Join a curated assemblage of goal-oriented people as you learn and explore together through unique experiences