A.D. Burks is a relationship expert with a passion for helping people enhance their lives by bettering their relationships. From a young age, A.D. was deeply influenced by his environment. Being the only child of parents who were both educators he felt a personal obligation to attain knowledge and affluence. While he excelled in academia, arts, and athletics, his life was not as ideal as it seemed. As A.D. transitioned from higher education into the workforce he faced what initially seemed like insurmountable challenges which academia could not prepare him for.

“On the outside my life appeared picture-perfect because I was in good shape and had a well-paying job. But on the inside, I was suffering in silence and continued in this cycle of pain.” 

After coming to this self realization, A.D. went on to seek spiritual and emotional guidance. “I started going to therapy and reading books from experts. Books like Out of the Shadows by Dr. Pat Carnes, Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, The Human Magnet Syndrome by Ross Rosenberg and Getting the Love You Want by Dr. Harville Hendricks and his wife Dr. Helen Hunt became daily reading.”

Through his pursuit of experiential knowledge and mentorship from experts, A.D. was finally able to determine what was preventing him from attaining peace and fulfilling his life’s purpose. He developed the understanding that “everything in life is a relationship”—relationship with self, others, God, money, food, etc. Now in a healthy marriage and lifestyle, A.D. has committed himself to helping people through strategic and effective relationship building programs. Holding a B.A. in Chemistry and an MBA from Rice University, A.D. has taught in every academic setting from grade school to graduate school. Whether it’s addressing personal, romantic, financial, or business relationships or cycles of pain, A.D. Burks is here to help you get to your next level.